Commission Status: CLOSEDFor additional information please check my links, DM, or Email: [email protected]

★ Commission Info ★

My commissions are always open, unless my slots are full. Further can be found below. While these are my most frequently ordered, I do offer other commission options that can be discussed via message. I also have past experience with Character Design, so if this interests you feel free to contact me so I can give you a quote!On the off chance I don't respond to a DM, please reach out to me via Email. Sometimes I don't receive notifications for messages on Social Media.


★ Polygon Lasso ★

★ Headshot: $30.00
★ Halfbody: $50.00
★ Fullbody: $70.00
★ Additional Character: $20.00
★ Complicated Background: $40.00

★ Regular Style ★

★ Headshot: $50.00
★ Halfbody: $70.00
★ Fullbody: $90.00
★ Additional Character: $20.00
★ Complicated Background: $40.00

★ Stylistic ★

★ Headshot: $60.00
★ Halfbody: $80.00
★ Fullbody: $100.00
★ Additional Character: $20.00
★ Complicated Background: $40.00

★ Other Examples ★

★ Terms and Conditions ★

By commissioning me you have assured me that you have both read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions.

★ General ★I reserve the right to decline any commission as I see fit.Prices are not finite, and are subject to change. Orders placed prior to updated prices will remain unaffected by this change (unless another order is placed within this time, in this circumstance the second order will be the new amount).Due to my disability, the amount of time I need to complete a commission will vary. I will try to have orders finished within a month, but complicated art types may extend this deadline. I do my best to keep my clients updated, and to send progress of their pieces as frequently as possible.On top of your patience I ask you be polite to me. I deal with processing issues, and sometimes mistakes are made due to this. Know it isn't intentional, and I will correct the problem should it arise.★ Payment ★I take payment through PayPal or Ko-Fi. I am not accepting alternative payment methods. Payment is taken up front once your order has been accepted, and refunds will not be issued once your order has been started.The only exception to payment is Donation Commissions. These are commissions ordered via proof of receipt to any of the following causes: We Are The Change.★ Will Draw ★I will draw the following:
★ Humans / Humanoids
★ Animals (Feral / Anthro)
★ Complicated Armour / Patterns
★ Machines / Robots
I also have a lot of experience with Character Design. So if this interests you, I'm more than happy to give you a quote!I can draw both original characters (so long as you own the rights to them), and fanart based on pre-existing media. Do note that depending on the series (this extends to fan-characters) and its content I might decline your order.I will only take orders that are Safe For Work (SFW). If you are ordering art that has romantic connotations I will ask that you provide ages and background for said characters. Please refer to the "Will Not Draw" catagory below for additional details.★ Will Not Draw ★While I will not draw anything Not Safe for Work (NSFW), I will absolutely not draw anything problematic or offensive. This extends to the following: racism, antisemitism, Islamophobic, LGBT-phobic, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, zoophilia, etc. I have no tolerance for anything of this nature. If I find a client has any interaction with these topics you will be banned from commissioning me and blocked. I will not draw anything remotely suggestive, either.★ In Regards to Non-fungible Tokens and Blockchains ★Under no circumstances is my art to be used as an Non-fungible Token (NFT) or to be added to any kind of blockchain. This isn't up for debate. If I find that you are commissioning me with either of these in mind, you will be blocked and banned from ordering. If I find that my art has been stolen and is being used for these purposes, you will promptly be reported and necessary action will be taken. Thank you for your understanding.

*** 28 | Genderless | Any / All***I am an intersex and disabled illustrator who has a special interest in nature, space, and world building. My struggles with physical and mental health often influence my works / projects. I also take strong inspiration from the Book of Kells, Historical Works, and German Expressionism.I deal with social issues and ask for patience with communicating, as I am prone to misunderstandings. However, despite this, I hope to depict commissions in a way that is satisfactory to my clients!


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